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An Overview of the Space Transportation System
from Chronology of Space Shuttle Flights, 1981–2000 (NASA HHR-70, October 2000)
By Judy A. Rumerman with Stephen J. Garber

“Twenty Years On Orbit: The Space Shuttle Legacy”
By Roger D. Launius

“The Space Shuttle’s First Flight: STS-1” from From Engineering Science to Big Science: The NACA and NASA Collier Trophy Research Project Winners (NASA SP-4219, 1998)
By Henry C. Dethloff

“Developing the Space Shuttle” from Exploring the Unknown: Selected Documents in the History of the U.S. Civil Space Program, Volume IV: Accessing Space
By Ray A. Williamson

“Toward Liftoff: A Brief History and Chronology of the Marshall Space Flight Center’s Role in Designing, Developing, and Testing the Space Shuttle Propulsion Elements for STS-1”
By Mike Wright with Bob Jaques

News Releases from NASA Ames and Dryden Detailing those Centers' Contributions to the Shuttle's Development

“Why Does the Space Shuttle Have Wings?
A Look at the Social Construction of Technology in Air and Space”

By Stephen J. Garber


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