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Apollo Tracking Station Locations

With thanks to John Sarkissian,Hamish Lindsay, and Luis Rojo for data.


Four NASA tracking stations and the CSIRO radio telescope at Parkes played key communications roles during Apollo. Location data has been useful when using Celestia and Google Earth to understand some of the details of Apollo.





4.1689292 W
40.4553408 N
3.5 km south of Fresnedillas de la Oliva and
40 km west of Puerta del Sol, Madrid
116.8886 W
35.4258 N
60 km north of Barstow, California
Honeysuckle Creek
148.9779 E
35.5832 S
35 km SSW of Parliament House, Canberra
148.4813 E
35.4025 S
17 km SW of Parliament House, Canberra
CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope
148.2635 E
32.9984 S
17 km NNE of Parkes and 300 km WNW of Sydney

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