Apollo 15 Lunar Surface Journal


Jim's Second Station 2 Pan

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Jim's second Station 2 pan contains frames AS15-85- 11446 to 11465.

In frame 11446, Jim's shadow is falling into the crater. Bennett Hill is beyond the rille.

Frame 11448 is centered on the Station 2 boulder, with the scoop and rake still resting on top.

Frame 11449 is a view into the rille toward the northwest, with numerous large boulders on the bottom. Dave is at the Rover getting the camera with the 500-mm lens from under his seat.

Frame 11450 is another excellent rille picture. Note that Dave has the gnomon on the ground next to his right foot.

Frame 11451 (scan by Kipp Teague) is a spectacular picture of the rille, and also shows the tracks that the Rover made as Dave drove through a small crater just before he stopped.

Frame 11452 is an excellent picture of Dave putting the tongs down at about 123:16:41. Note the position of his legs as he leans about 30 degrees sideways.

Frame 11453 shows the sunlit summit of Mt. Hadley. Elbow Crater is the rounded feature in the foreground at the edge of the rille.

Frame 11455 is a good view of the Swann Range, named for U.S. Geological Survey geologist Gordon Swann who served as the Principal Investigator for Apollo 15 geology.

NASA photo 70-H-1497 shows Swann (right) and an unidentified person make an adjustment to Dave Scott's gear during a field exercise at Cinder Lake Crater Field, Arizona on 20 November 1970.

Frame 11465 is the final frame in the pan and a comparison with 11446 indicates how far Jim has slid downhill during the course of the pan.


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