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Network Operations Support Plan for the AS-512 (Apollo 17) Mission
Goddard Space Flight Center Document STDN No. 601/AS-512, September 1972


PDF version created by Bill Wood in 2010 from a personal copy provided by Richard Stachurski, who served as a Newtwork Controller on Apollo 5 and on Apollo 9-14. The original pages were scanned with an Epson Expression 10000XL, using Silverfast AI Studio, to produce high quality 400 pixel per inch, 48-bit images, for further processing. The printed halftone images were carefully converted to continuous tone replicas. Each page image was straightened and cleaned up in Photoshop CS4 prior to producing 300 pixel-per-inch EPS page images. Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional was used to prepare the final PDF edition. The document is made searchable by using Adobe ClearScan. PDF file (23 Mb)


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