STS-84 launched on May 15, 1997 with crew member Mike Foale. He replaced Mir astronaut John Blaha and spent a total of 134 days in orbit. Foale returned to Earth with STS-86, on October 6, 1997. Foale's mission proceeded fairly normally until June 25, when during a test of a manual docking system, a Progress resupply ship collided with Mir's Spektr module, causing a depressurization of the space station. The crew closed the hatch to Spektr, which stabilized the station's air pressure, while Spektr's pressure dropped to a vacuum. The collision knocked Mir into a spin, at a rate of about once every six minutes, but the crew members were able to stabilize the station. Many of Foale's experiments and personal effects were isolated within Spektr. Fortunately, food, water and other vital Mir supplies were stored in other modules. In August, Foale's Mir-23 crewmates, Vasily Tsibliev and Aleksandr Lazutkin, were replaced by Mir-24's Anatoly Solovyev and Pavel Vinogradov, who arrived in a Soyuz vehicle. Later in the mission, Foale and Solovyev conducted a 6-hour EVA to inspect the damage to the punctured Spektr.

Crew List
Vasily Tsibliev
Aleksandr Lazutkin
Anatoly Solovyev
Pavel Vinogradov
Mike Foale

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